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Listen To Our Propane Jingle!

At Sonoita Propane, we work with each individual family and business to understand their needs and deliver the best solution, at the best price. We strive to offer the competitive pricing and reliability of a large corporation, while still retaining the personal touch of a small town business: providing courtesy, quality, and value in everything we do.


We deliver to churches, schools, dispensers, gas stations, restaurants, warehouses,  wind machines, cell towers, wineries, airports, businesses and residential.


Delivering five days a week, and only to eastern Santa Cruz county and the surrounding areas, we are able to work with your schedule. We also understand that sometimes mistakes or emergencies happen, and that's ok! We are available to contact seven days a week, no matter the time or day. So go ahead, flip the lid and yank the tank! It's time to switch to Sonoita Propane!




With collars as blue as the Arizona sky, Dave and Donna hail from Midwestern steel industry stock. Both chased dreams all the way to California, where they eventually met and forged a new life in the warm sunshine. After finding personal success, in 2007, they were drawn to Sonoita’s wide-open landscape and small-town feel. Dave and Donna knew right away the dusty, dotted landscape was as much home to them as the gritty steel towns they both grew up in. Gravel roads became their new fast lane and coyote crossings their only traffic jams. 


Dave, an entrepreneur, is a former motorcycle racing team and shop owner, engineer/mechanic, tool and die maker and welder. He’s a true guy of gadgets. Donna is a former executive vice president in the professional beauty industry, and a nationally recognized marketing and business consultant. Theirs is literally the story of beauty and the beast, a builder and a dreamer setting down roots in a town that felt like home, before the doormat was kicked into place.


Together they’ve used their skills, the mechanic, and the visionary, to build Sonoita Propane into a reliable, always-on-the ready supplier of affordable energy. And they’re doing so with that blue collar pride and commitment to family, community, and hometown values. 


Dave & Donna working on the plant during its construction.


Dave and Tank.jpg


Co-Founder, Owner



Co-Founder, Owner



Director of First Impressions



Delivery and Service Technician

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