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Becoming A Customer

When you are ready to make the switch, check your gauge first! If your current supply is at about 20%, contact Sonoita Propane to schedule your tentative installation.

At this point, place yourself on a "will call for delivery" list with your current supplier to stop any automatic delivery schedule you may be on. Additionally, we HIGHLY recommend you placing a note under your propane tank lid stating, "Please Do Not Fill".


Check your tank percentage weekly - we will stay in contact with you until your gauge reaches 5%. Most companies will charge you an evacuation fee to remove propane from inside the tank in order for them to remove it from your property.


If you are leaving an existing company, in most cases, you will actually own the necessary equipment for us to hook up your new tank (regulator and pigtail). If you don't, we will be happy sell you a brand new one! We'll even hook it up for you too! 


Finally, Sonoita Propane will always put your old tank in a convenient location for the previous supplier to easily pick up and remove it from your property. 

It really is THAT easy!

Ladybugs all dressed in red, waltzing through the garden bed.

If I were little just like you, I'd dance around the garden too!


Do you own the Propane Tank?
Which appliances do you use Propane for?

Thank you! Form sent.

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