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Types of Tanks & Installations


Cylinders or vertical tanks that do not hold more than 124 gallons can be placed right up against the structure. In certain applications where horizontal tanks cannot be placed nor required, a cylinder or vertical tank is a great option. The most common size is a 120 gallon tank.
A) Tanks cannot be within 10' of an ignition source such as dryer vent, outside A.C. Unit or power-vented exhaust such as a generator, hot water heater or furnace, HOWEVER, this type of tank can be place directly next to a house.
B) Tanks cannot be placed within 3' of a venting window or door.



The most common size tanks in this category are the 250-gallon vessels. These vessels are commonly used for primary home heating application. We do also offer 500 & 1000-gallon vessels. If you decide on a 250 or 500, the tank cannot be within 10' of the structure or property line. Cannot be within 10' of an ignition source outlined in the cylinder application. When the delivery vehicle backs in the driveway, filling hoses are 100' in length. We have to make certain we stay within the maximum hose distance. We cannot pull filling hoses through garages or structures to make a delivery. Delivery vehicles cannot fill from the side of the road especially on main roadways, highways or thoroughfares. The 1000-gallon vessel installation is very similar to the 250 and 500, the only difference is that the distance is 25' from the property line and structure. Rarely are 1000 ­ gallon vessels issued for typical residential use. Again, we provide all outdoor necessary equipment including the blocks or foundation for the tank to sit on.



Congratulations if you are building a new home, barn, business or just adding gas for the first time. There are no existing tanks or gas lines to work with and everything is all-new. This is an installation where virtually you are starting from scratch and we are happy to partner with you from the beginning. Sonoita Propane is proud to be able to provide you with a tank and all necessary accessories to get you going, at a relatively low cost.



Underground propane storage vessels are becoming a popular item especially in new construction. This hides the tank from the landscape. The most common sizes are 500 & 1000-gallon tanks. The riser cover, which is 12" in diameter and extends above the ground 12", is the only thing visible. This cover can be easily concealed. Underground tanks if installed properly have an indefinite life span. They come complete with cathodic protection, which is an anti-corrosion protectant. 

Handling and Transporting Small Cylinders

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