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Almost all tanks have gauges. That said, you should be able to easily find the gauge located under the tank lid itself (if you don't see one there, chances are it may be on the side of the tank, or if it's a real old tank, it may not have one at all). Lucky for you, all our tanks are equipped with gauges!


The gauge represents how much fuel you have in your tank. Every gauge reads in 10% percent increments - kind of like the speedometer in your car - making them easy to understand!

A Little Math Lesson

We know that we all need a little help when it comes to math every now and then. Here' a little "cheat sheet" to help you know just how much propane is in your tank at 20%, depending on your tank size:

  • 20% on a 125 gallon tank = 25 gallons

  • 20% on a 250 gallon tank = 50 gallons

  • 20% on a 330 gallon tank = 66 gallons

  • 20% on a 500 gallon tank = 100 gallons

  • 20% on a 1000 gallon tank = 200 gallons

While we know that not all gauges look like this (they can vary depending on the maker), this is a great example of one that is showing exactly 20% in the tank!

Also, it's important to remember that propane is a liquid gas. This means that the pressure within the tank varies greatly from that outside of it, and for safety purposes, tanks are only filled to 80% of their total capacity, allowing for pressure fluctuation and expansion. They are NEVER filled more than this!

Instructional Video

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